For Scale Modelers,​ BY SCALE MODELERS.

At SCALEDECKS.COM we don't offer a huge range of mediocre-quality decks.  We're not a large corporation looking to capture market share; we're just a few guys in California that love the model shipbuilding hobby.  So we take our time to make the best possible decks that we can - decks that we'd be proud to place on our models.  That way, we know you'd be proud to place them on your models!


Made in USA

Our decks are engineered and manufactured in the United States, one at a time, by hobbyists.  Each sheet of wood is hand cut and individually-printed with a fine pattern, and then carefully aligned for a separate precision laser cutting process.   Where possible, we include accurate, true to scale deck details.  The end result is a level of quality that can't be matched by mass producers.