For Scale Modelers,​ BY SCALE MODELERS.

Special Cuts (or Uncut!) 

​We have been asked, "can you make a custom deck for me, to fit my exact specifications?  I don't want to make my kit out-of-the-box - I was thinking that with a little bit of effort I could fix some known kit errors, render it as a sister ship and backdate it a few years..."

Or, "I am a hobbyist, too, and our club is doing a special scratch build of a historic ship.  Could you provide a deck for us to perfectly fit our project?"

The usual answer to that is, "Yes.  We would love to work with you!"  If you understand that this is not our day job and it might take a bit of time, we'd love to hear what you have in mind.  Just send an e-mail to and we can have a conversation about exactly what you need and what it might cost.

Custom Woods 

Originally we offered all of our decks on your choice of maple, teak, or tinted.  But some of these choices are not commonly ordered and so we now offer many of our decks in just our "preferred" wood.  If you have a specific type of wood in mind for a deck, let us know and we can custom make the deck for you.  Shoot us an e-mail outlining what you are looking for, and we will see what we can do.

Custom Services