Is there a place where I can see photos of modelers using your decks?

You bet!  Doing a build log of your project is a great way to get feedback and suggestions as you work on your special ship.  Here is one of my favorites.  As you read it, you'll see all kinds of helpful advice and a fair amount of humor, too!

     Revell 1/96 USS Constitution (Fine Scale Modeler)

Also to the right is an unboxing video of a customer in the UK
as he unpacked the deck that I sent him for his Heller
1/100 HMS Victory.  This will give you a good idea of how
it is packaged for shipping, and what the product will
look like when you receive it!

I am looking for a deck for my (insert kit name here).  Are you planning to offer a deck for this kit?  If so, when?

We will strive to produce decks the highest-quality decks possible for fellow hobbyists.  Unfortunately, as hobbyists, we have other full-time jobs so we often don't have a lot of time to devote to engineering new products.  If you'd like to know the things that we're currently working on, or to make suggestions for a personal favorite kit, please feel free to post comments on our Facebook page, or send an e-mail to us via the Contact Us page.

What makes your decks different from others on the market?

That's a great question, and you can read all about it in depth on our Technology Page.

One of the big difference is the thinness of our wood, which ranges from .008 to .010 inches - about the thickness of a heavy sheet of paper or a couple of thick coats of paint!  These decks are backed with thermal fleece to provide working strength during assembly, and also to provide a good surface for glues to bite into.  Our manufacturing process utilizes Inkjet Printing combined with Laser Cutting; we don't merely "burn in" the planking pattern which results in thicker, brown lines.  Our plank lines are grey and extremely thin.  For larger scale kits our decks feature accurate nibbing detail, and can include individual plank color variations - an effect that you can'g get by simply burning in a plank pattern.

These factors combine to allow the deck to be placed right on top of the plastic kit deck and to have all the molded-in details poke through the wood - thus eliminating the need to paint all those crisp lines where wood and metal meet, and also freeing you to get good seams without worrying about having to preserve the plank lines molded in the plastic.

Are your plank markings to perfect scale for the kits they are made for - such as in 1/350?

To represent four inch planks in 1/350 scale, they would be barely larger than 1/100 of an inch apart. The maximum resolution that the human eye can detect is about 1/300 of an inch. So, if I were to print this on an inkjet printer with one line every three pixels, and the line one pixel thick, it would look like a grey sheet of paper – a blurry mess. Not good.

So what we are doing is cheating the scale up a bit. Our gaps between the boards are indeed one pixel thick, and we are spacing them ten pixels apart – or 3/100 of an inch. This makes a pretty nice scale effect that “looks right.” It definitely looks like wood planking.

And, yes – you read that right. Our manufacturing process is to print the planking (or other features) on the raw wood so that we can get that 1/300 inch resolution. Then we carefully line up the planking patterns with a laser cutter, then cut out the deck and all of the associated openings.

For larger scale kits, usually in the neighborhood of about 1/200 and above, we DO feature scale planking (and often nibbing detail, too!)

Where can I purchase your decks?

You can purchase all of our products at our eBay store at  

Do you recommend that I paint the plastic kit deck before laying down the wood deck?

That is up to you.  Our MAPLE decks in particular are so thin that they are translucent, so you can paint the underlying plastic kit deck white for a lighter color, paint it blue to appear less yellow, paint it red to appear warmer, paint it black to appear darker, etc.

To show you this effect, here is the maple Borodino deck placed on top of the teak Konig deck!

Have you received any positive feedback on your products?

We started selling our decks on eBay in 2010, and our feedback has been very positive.  We strive to maintain a 100% satisfaction rating; if something is wrong, we'll do everything we can to make it right, or issue you a full refund.  You can check for our very latest feedback here, but we've included a few examples below:

"Arrived very quickly with a GREAT product that fits perfectly. Thanks!"

"Excellent communication, price, quality and timeliness. Really appreciate it."

"WOW, great item, great seller, can't wait to use it, A+++++ will buy again"

"Even better than expected. Will be back for new designs."

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