A great resource for Warship Scale Modelers - lots of friendly experts, and amazing conversations on lots of different ships.

Model Expo

A site that specializes in wooden ship kits, with a limited plastic ship selection.  These guys offer some great tools for working on model ships - wooden or plastic.  I personally like their cannon cast in britannia metal - tons of fun to build, and impressive to display.


A site for model railroaders, but their tool selection is EXCELLENT.  Lots of good stuff for working in fine detail.  I found these guys when searching for a good punch tool; I've bought a lot since then and loved it all.

FreeTime Hobbies

A supplier of lots of model ship kits and accessories.  This is a great place to get those other brands of wood decks for kits that we don't offer yet.  You can buy some  SCALEDECKS.COM product there, too!

Cottage Industries

A fantastic source to get some amazing United States Civil War Ship Models.  AND, a place to get accurate replacement cannon for the Revell 1/96 USS Kearsarge and CSS Alabama.  SCALDECKS.COM wood decks for these ships (including a "corrected deck and gun sweeps for the CSS Alabama) coming soon!

Flagship Models

A great source scale model cannon and accessories for model ships in a variety of scales.

Iron Shipwrights

Really nice resin kits in 1/350 of rare ships - including lots of Pre-Dreadnoughts and World War 1 ships, but also a good selection of World War 2 and modern ships as well.  A good range of 1/192 offerings, too!

B & D Barrels

Brass barrels add a nice touch of detail on your model ships; a great companion to our wood decks!

A good source for scale model ships, with an awesome filter that lets you find model ships by scale, by country, by era, by manufacturer, etc.  Super handy!

Pacific Battleship Center

The site of the museum ship USS Iowa in San Pedro, California.  The USS Iowa is the last battleship anywhere that is not either sunk, scrapped, or already a museum.  I was involved in the Iowa Class Preservation Association that sought to keep all four of these ships from being scrapped - and am proud that the Iowa made it close to my home in Southern California.

Other interesting things you can make with a Laser Cutter!


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