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High-Detail Decks

At we know that many of our customers go for a "High Detail" or "HD" project when making their ships.  They start with a plastic kit, and get an extended sheet of etched brass, and then follow the instructions with the brass and start modifying the plastic kit to accomodate the brass details.  Unfortunately, until now, manufacturers have made their wood decks to only fit the kits "out of the box" - which makes them incompatible with etched brass details.

Why are they incompatible?  Because the brass sets have features with open bases to replace the crude, molded in plastic features.  For example. take a look at the LionRoar Yamato hose reals that are located ahead of the breakwater in the photo below:

Do you see how there are square openings in the bottom of the racks that hold the hose reels?  If you used a deck that was cut to fit the plastic molded features out of the box, it would look like the one on the left.  If you are going crazy with brass, what you NEED is a deck like the one on the right.:

SCALEDECKS.COM to the rescue!

We now offer some decks in both "BOX" fit and "HD" fit to accomotate both those that want to make the kit "as-is" out of the box, as well as those that are looking to work with brass fittings and other kit extensions.  Ironically, the "HD Fit" decks have LESS detail than the "BOX Fit" because the etched brass usually just mounts to the wood deck and doesn't require the holes and other accomodations in the cutting pattern.  This completely solves the problem of a modeler having to hack away the features from the kit, and then try to find a way to restore the engraved plank pattern in the plastic.  With a "HD Fit" deck, problem solved!